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Vitenskapelige publikasjoner SØ 2018

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Aasen, I.E., Øgrim, Geir, Kropotov, J., Brunner, J.F. (2018). Methylphenidate selectively modulates one sub-component of the no-og P3 in pediatric ADHD medication responders. Biological Psychiatry 134: 30-38

Andresen, K., Atar, D., Gjertsen, E., Ghanima, Waleed, Roseth, S., Johansen, O.E. (2018). Mechanisms of action and clinical use of specific reversal agents for non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants.
Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal

Bjerrum, O.W., Samuelsson, J., Ghanima, Waleed, Kauppila, M., Andersen, C.L., on behalf of the Nordic Myeloprofilerative Neoplasms Study Group (2018). Thromboembolism prophylaxis in patients with Philadelphia-nagative myeloproliferative neoplams: clinical practice among Nordic specialists. [Accepted article]. European Journal of Haematolgy

Digernes, I., Grøvik, E., Nilsen, L.B., Saxhaug, C., Geier, O., Reitan, E., Sætre, Dag Ottar, Breivik, B., Reese, T., Jacobsen, K.D., Helland, Å., Emblem, K.E. (2018). Brain metastases with poor vascular function are susceptible to pseudoprogression following stereotactic radiosurgery. [Accepted manuscript in press]. Advances in Radiation Oncology

Dronkers, C.E.A., Klok, F.A.,  Van Haren, G.R., Gleditsch, Jostein, Westerlund, M.V., Kroft, L.J.M. (2018). Diagnosing upper extremity deep vein thrombosis with non-contrast-enhanced magnet resonance direct thrombus imaging: A pilot study. [Accepted manuscript, in press]. Thrombosis Research

Feiring, B., Laake, I., Christiansen, I.K., Hansen, M., Stålcrantz, J., Ambur, O.H., Magnus, P.,  Jonassen, Christine Monceyran, Trogstad, L. (2018). Substantial decline in prevalence of vaccine-type and non-vaccine type HPV in vaccinated and unvaccinated girls 5 years after implementing HPV vaccine in Norway [Accepted article]. The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Garratt, A.M., Naumann, Markus G., Sigurdsen, U., Utvåg, S.E., Stavem, K. (2018). Evaluation of three patient reported outcome measures following operative fixation of closed ankle fractures.             BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Ghanima, Waleed, Boiocchi, L., Lee, C.S., Feng, X, Geyer, J.T., Gudbrandsdottir, S., Orazi, A., Junker, P., Bussel, J.B. (2018).  Immune thrombocytopenia is associated with persistently deranged fibrosis-related seromarker profiles but low bone marrow fibrosis grades: A 2-year observational study on thrombopoietin receptor agonist treatment. Platelets

Grønhaug, Gudmund (2018). Self-reported chronic injuries in climbing: who gets injuried when? BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine

Gulbrandsen, T., Myhre, K., Asmyhr, M., Bjørknes, Gerd (2018). Seksjonslederes vurdering av praksisstudier for bachelor- og videreutdanningsstudenter i sykepleie. Nordisk Sygeplejeforskning 8(1): 75-84 https//

Hasvik, Eivind, Haugen, Anne Julsrud, Gjerstad, J., Grøvle, Lars (2018). Assessing neuropathic pain in patients with low back-related leg pain: comparing the painDETECT Questionnaire with the 2016 NeuPSIG grading system. European Journal of Pain

Hompland, T., Hole, K.H., Ragnum, H.B., Aarnes, E.-K., Vlatkovic, L., Lie, Agnes Kathrine, Patzke, S,. Brennhovd, B., Seierstad, T., Lyng, H. (2018). Combinded MR imging of oxygen consumption and supply reveals tumor hypoxia and aggressiveness in prostate cancer patients. Cancer Research

Hunderi, Jon Olav Gjengstø, Lødrup Carlsen, Karin C., Rolfsjord, L.B., Carlsen, K.-H., Mowinckel, P., Skjerven, H.O. (2018). Parental severity assessment predicts supportive care in infant bronchiolotis [Accepted article] Acta Paediatrica

Jensen, Ø., Bernklev, T., Gibbs, C., Moe, Ragnar Bekkhus, Hafsø, D., Jelsness-Jørgensen, Lars-Petter (2018) . Fatigue in type 1 diabetes, prevlance, predictors and comparison with the backgrpund population. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 43:71-78 10.1016/j.diabres.2018.06.012

Johannessen, Hege Hølmo, Stafne, S.N., Falk, R.S., Stordahl, Arvid, Wibe, A., Mørkved, S. (2018). Prevalence and predictors of double incontinence 1 year after first delivery. International Urogynecology Journal

Leinonen, M.K., Schee, K., Jonassen, Christine Monceyron, Lie, Agnes Kathrine, Nystrand, Camilla Furlund, Rangberg, Anbjørg, Furre, I.E., Johansson, Marzena J., Tropé, A., Sjøborg, Katrine Dønvold, Castle, P.E., Nygård, M. (2018). Safety and acceptability of human papillomavirus testing of self-collected specimens: a methodologic study of the impact of collection devices and HPV assays on sensitivity for cervical cancer and high-grade lesions. Journal of Clinical Virology, 99-100(feb-mar):22-30

Lindgren, M., Samuelsson, J., Nilsson, L., Knutsen, H., Ghanima, Waleed, Westin, J., Johansson, P.L., Andréasson, B. (2018). Genetic variation in IL28B (IFNL3) and response to interferon-alpha treatment in myeloproliferative neoplasms. [Accepted article].  European Journal of Haematology

Lossius, Anne Kristine, Magnus, M.C., Lunde, Jon, Størdal, Ketil (2018). Prospective cohort study of breastfeeding and the risk of childhood asthma. The Journal of Pediatrics

Lofterød, T. Mortensen, E.S., Nalwoga, H., Wilsgaard, T., Frydenberg, H., Risberg, T., Eggen, A.E., McTiernan, A., Aziz, S., Wist, E.E., Stensvold, Andreas, Reitan, J.B., Akslen, L.A., Thune, I. (2018). Impact of pre-diagnostic triglycerides and HDL-cholesterol on breast cancer recurrence and survival by breast cancer subtypes. BMC Cancer

Luzon, J.A., Andersen, Bjarte Tidemann., Stimec, B.V., Fasel, J.D., Bakka, A.O., Kazaryan, A.M., Ignjatovic, D. (2018). Implementation of 3D printed superior mesentric vascular models for surgical planning and/or navigation in right coloctemy with extended D3 mesenterectomy: comparison of virtual and physical models to the anatomy found at surgery. Surgical Endoscopy

Magnus, M.C., Olsen, S.F., Granstrom, C., Lund-Blix, N.A., Svensson, J., Johannesen, J., Fraser, A., Skrivarhaug, T., Joner, G., Njølstad, P.R., Størdal, Ketil, Stene, L.C. (2018). Paternal and maternal obesity but not gestational weight gain is associated with type 1 diabetes. International Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

Molund, Marius, Husebye, E.E., Nilsen, Fredrik, Hellesnes, J., Berdal, G., Hvaal, K.H. (2018). Validation of a new device for mesuring isolated gastrocnemius contracture and evaluation of the reliability of the Silfverskiöld test. Foot & Ankle International

Nilsen, Fredrik A., Molund, Marius, Hvaal, K. H. (2018). High incidence of recurrent ulceration and major amputations associated with charcot foot. [Article in press]. The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery

Pedersen, M.S., Landheim, A., Møller, Merete, Lien, Lars (2018). Acting on audit & feedback: a qualitative instrumental case study in mental health services in Norway. BMC Health Services Research, 18:71

Qadori, Mohammed, Flem, E., Bekkevold, T., Døllner, H., Gilje, A.M., Rojahn, A., Størdal, Ketil (2018). Hypoglycaemia was common in acute gastroenteritis in a prospective hospital-based study but electrolyte imbalances were not. [Accepted article]. Acta Paediatrica

Roehle, R., Wieske, V., Schuetz, G.M., Gueret, P., Andreini, D., Meijboom, W.B.,  Pantone, G., Garcia, M., Alkadhi, H., Honoris, L., Hausleiter, J., Bettencourt, N., Zimmermann, E., Leschka, S., Gerber, B., Rochitte, C., Schoepf, U.J., Shabestari, A.A., Nørgaard, B., Sato, A., Knuuti, J.,Meijs, M.F.L., Brodoefel, H.,  Jenkins, S.M.M., Øvrehus, K.A., Diederichsen, A.C.P., Hamdan, A., Halvorsen, Bjørn Arild, Rodriguez, V.M., Wan, Y.L., Rixe, J., Sheikh, M., Langer, C., Ghostine, S. Martuscelli, E., Niinuma, H., Scholte, A., Nikolaou, K., Ulimoen, G., Zhang, Zhaoqi, Mickley, H., Nieman, K., Kaufmann, P., Büchel, R.R., Herzog, B., Clouse, M., Halon, D.A., Leipsic, J.,  Bush, D., Jakamy, R., Sun, K., Yang, L., Johnson, T., Laissy, J.-P., Marcus, R., Muraglia, S., Tardif, J.-C., Chow, B., Paul, N., Maintz, D., Hoe, J., de Roos, A., Haase, R.,Laule, M., Schlattmann, P., Dewey, M.  (2018). Applicability and accuracy of pretest probability calculations implemented in the NICE clinical guideline for decision making about imaging in patients with chest pain of recent onset. European Radiology

Sander, S.D., Hansen, A.V., Størdal, Ketil, Andersen, A.-M. N., Murray, J.A., Husby, S. (2018). Mode of delivery is not associated with celiac disease. Clinical Epidemiology, 10: 323—332

Skarpengland, T., Skjelland, M., Kong, X.Y., Skagen, K., Holm, S., Otterdal, K., Dahl, C.P., Krohg-Sørensen, K., Sagen, E.L., Bjerkeli, V., Aamodt, A.H., Abbas, Azhar, Gregersen, I., Auktrust, P., Halvorsen, B., Dahl, T.B. (2018). Increased levels of lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor-1 in ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack. Journal of the American Heart Association, 7(2):1-16

Stimec, B.V., Andersen, Bjarte T., Benz, S.R., Fasel, J.H.D., Augestad, K.M., Ignjatovic, D. (2018). Retromesenteric course of the middle colic artery – challenges and pitfalls in D3 right colectomy for cancer. International Journal of Colorectal Disease

Størdal, Ketil, McArdle, H.J., Hayes, H., Tapia, G., Viken, M.K., Lund-Blix, N.A., Haugen, M., Joner, G., Skrivarhaug, T., Mårlid, K., Njølstad, P.R., Eggesbø, M., Mandal, S., Rage, C.M., London, S.J., Lie, B.A., Stene, L.C. (2018) Prenatal iron exposure and childhood type I diabetes. Scientific Reports, 8(1):9067  https:/

Tapia, G., Størdal, Ketil, Mårlig, K., Kahrs, Christian Riddervold, Skrivarhaug, T., Njølstad, P.R., Joner, G., Stene. L.C. (2018). Antibiotics, acetaminophen and infections during prenatal and early life in relation to type 1 diabetes. International Journal of Epidemiology

Utne, Kristin Kornelia, Dahm, A., Wik, H.S., Jelsness-Jørgensen, Lars Petter, Sandset, P.M., Ghanima, Waleed (2018). Rivaroxaban versus warfarin for the prevention of post-thrombotic syndrome. Thrombosis Research

Øgrim, Geir, Kropotov, J.D. (2018). Predicting clinical gains and side effects of stimulant medication in pediatric attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder by combining measures from qEEG and ERPs in cued OG/NOGO task. Clinical EEG and Neurosciences

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