Vitenskapelige publikasjoner 2021

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner SØ 2021 (SØ-forfattere i uthevet tekst)

Andersen, Bjarte T., Stimec, B.V., Kazaryan, Airazat M., Maiziarz, P.J., Ignatovic, D. (2021). Re-interpreting mesenteric vascular anatomy on 3D virtual and/or physical models: positioning the middle colic artery bifurcation and its relevance to surgeons operating colon cancer. Surgical Endoscopy Cristin-ID: 1906692

Comeau-Gauthier, M., Zura, R.D., Bzovsky, S., Schemitsch, E.H., Axelrod, D., Avram, V., Manjoo, A., Poolman, R.W., Frihagen, Frede, Heels-Ansdell, D., Bhandari, M., Sprague, S. (2021). Heterotopic ossification following arthroplasty for femoral neck fracture. Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery [Am]. 10.2106/JBJS.20.01586

Davidson, B., Kleinberg, L., Børresen, I.M., Slettevoll, F., Fangberget, A., Hindosh, Dunia, Eriksson, A.G.Z., Bjerkehagen, B. (2021). Primary uterine ectomesenchymoma harboring a DICER1 mutation: case report with molecular analysis. Virchows Archiv

Einvik, G., Dammen, T., Ghanima, Waleed, Heir, T., Stavem, K. (2021). Prevalence and risk factors for post-traumatic stress in hospitalized and non-hospitalized COVID-19 patients. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18:2079

Endre, K.M.A., Landrø, L., LeBlanc, M., Gjersvik, P., Lødrup Carlsen, K.C., Haugen, G., Hedlin, G., Jonassen, Christine Monceyron, Nordlund, B., Rudi, K., Skjerven, H.O., Staff, A.C., Söderhäll, C., Vettukattil, R., Rehbinder, E.M. (2021). Diagnosing atopic dermatitis in infancy using established diagnostic criteria: a cohort study. British Journal of Dermatology

Garnæs, K.K., Mørkved, S., Salvesen, Ø., Tønne, T., Furan, L., Grønhaug, G., Vasseljen, O., Johannessen, Hege Hølmo (2021). What factors are associated with health-related quality of life among patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain? A cross-sectional study in primary health care. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders  Cristin-ID: 1881305

Gotschalck, M.A., Nørgaard, M., Risbo, N., Christiansen, C.F., Bahmanyar, S., Ghanima, Waleed, Alam, N., Frederiksen, H., Nielson, C.M., Sørensen, H.T. (2021). Predictors for and outcomes after bone marrow biopsy in Scandinavian patients with chronic immune thrombocytopenia. European Journal of Haematology

Haukeland-Parker, Stacey, Hasvik, Eivind, Jelsness-Jørgensen, Lars-Petter, Birring, S., Johannessen, Hege Hølmo (2021). Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Norwegian version of the Leicester Cough Questionnaire in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice

Hoff, G., Botteri, E., Huppertz-Hauss, G., Kvamme, J.M., Holme, Ø., Aabakken, L., Dahler, S., Medhus, A.W., Blomgren, I., Sandvei, Per, Darre-Næss, O., Kjellevold, Ø., Seip, B. (2021). The effect of train-the-colonoscopy course on colonoscopy quality indicators. Endoscopy 10.1055/a-1352-4583  Cristin-ID: 1893480

Häger, Linda Angelica, Åsberg, J.J., Kropotov, J.D., Weidle, B., Hollup, S., Zehentbauer, P.G., Gillberg, C., Billstedt, E., Øgrim, Geir (2021). Biomarker support for ADHD diagnosis based on event related potentials and scores from an attention test. Psychiatry Research

Jacobsen, H.B., Stubhaug, A., Holmøy, B., Kvam, Tor Morten, Reme, S., E. (2021). Have Norwegians tried psilocybin and do they accept it as a medicine? Journal of Psychedelic Studies

Jervan, Øyvind, Gleditsch, Jostein, Tavoly, M., Klok, F.A., Rashid, Diyar, Holst, R., Steine, K., Stavem, K., Ghanima, Waleed (2021). Pulmonary and cardiac variables associated with persistent dyspnea after pulmonary embolism. Thrombosis Research 201:90-99

Knudsen, H.B.S., Jalali-Moghadam, Niloufar, Nieva, S., Czaplewska, E., Laasonen, M., Gerrits, E., McKean, C., Law, J. (2021). Allocation and funding of Speech and Language Therapy for children with Developmental Language Disorders across Europe and beyond. Research in Developmental Disabilities 113:10396

Laake, J.H., Buanes, E.A., Småstuen, M.C., Kvåle, R., Olsen, Brita Fosser, Rustøen, T., Strand, K., Sørensen, V., Hofsø, K. (2021). Characteristics, management and survival of ICU patients with coronavirus disease-19 in Norway, March - June 2020: a prospective observational study. Acta Anaesthesologica Scandinavica.

Lunding, S.H., Simonsen, C., Aas, M., Rødevand, L., Werner, M.C.F., Laskemoen, J.F. Hjell, Gabriela, Ringen, P.A., Lagerberg, T.V., Melle, I., Andreassen, O.A., Ueland, T., Steen, N.E. (2021). Childhood trauma and cardiometabolic risk in severe mental disorders: the mediating role of cognitive control. European Psychiatry 64(1):e24

Mikalsen, I.B., Halvorsen, T., Juliusson, P.B., Magnus, M., Nystad, W., Stensrud, T., Størdal, Ketil, Vollsæter, M., Øymar, K. (2021). Early life growth and associations with lung function and bronchial hyperresponsiveness at 11-years of age. Respiratory Medicine  Cristin-ID: 1901571

Mosleth, E.F., Vedeler, C.A., Liland, K.H., McLeod, Anette, Bringeland, G.H., Kroondijk, Berven, F.S., Lysenko, A., Rawlings, C.J., Eid, K. E.-H., Opsahl, J.A., Gjertsen, B.T., Myhr, K.-M., Gavasso, S. (2021). Cerebrospinal fluid proteome shows disrupted neuronal development in multiple sclerosis. Scientific Reports 11:4087  Cristin-ID: 1901610

Myhre, P.L., Prebensen, C., Jonassen, Christine Monceyron, Berdal, J.E., Omland, T. (2021). SARS-CoV-2 viremia is associated with inflammatory, but not cardiovascular biomarkers, in patients hospitalized for COVID-19. Journal of the American Heart Association

Nilsen, M., Lokmic, A., Angell, I.L., Carlsen, K.L., Carlsen, K.-H., Haugen, G., Hedlin, G., Jonassen, Christine Monceyron, Marsland, B.J., Nordlund, B., Rehbinder, E.M., Skjerven, H.O., Snipen, L., Staff, A.C ., Söderhäll, C., Vettukattil, R., Rudi, K. (2021). Fecal microbiota nutrient utilization potential suggests mucins as drivers for initial gut colonization of mother-child shared bacteria. Applied and environmental microbiology

Nyssen, O. P., Perez-Aisa, A., Tepes, B., Castro-Fernandez, M., Kupcinskas, J., Jonaitis, L., Bujanda, L., Lucendo, A., Jurecic, N. B., Perez-Lasala, J., Shvets, O., Fadeenko, G., Huguet, J. M., Kikec, Z., Bordin, D., Voynovan, I., Leja, M., Machado, J. C., Areia, M., Fernandez-Salazar, L., Rodrigo, L., Alekseenko, S., Barrio, J., Ortuno, J., Perona, M., Vologzhanina, L., Romero, P. M., Zaytsev, O., Rokkas, T., Georgopoulos, S., Pellicano, R., Buzas, G. M., Modolell, I., Gomez Rodriguez, B. J., Simsek, I., Simsek, C., Lafuente, M. R., Ilchishina, T., Camarero, J. G., Dominguez-Cajal, M., Ntouli, V., Dekhnich, N. N., Phull, P., Nunez, O., Lerang, Frode, Venerito, M., Heluwaert, F., Tonkic, A., Caldas, M., Puig, I., Megraud, F., O'Morain, C., Gisbert, J. P. (2021). Adverse event profile during the treatment of Helicobacter pylori: A Real-World experience of 22,000 patients from the European Registry on H. pylori Management (Hp-EuReg). American Journal of Gastroenterology

Oommen, H., Ranjan, K., Murugesan, S., Gore, A., Sonthalia, S., Ninan, P., Bernitz, Stine, Sorbye, I., Lukasse, M. (2021). Implementation of the Moyo fetal heart rate monitor in disctrict hospitals in Bihar, India: a feasibility study. BMJ Open 11:e041071  Cristin-ID: 1893934

Qin, P., Larsen, Kim (2021). Formal requirements for suicide risk assessment in mental healthcare services: self-reported familiarity and perceptions among clinicians. International Journal of Healthcare Management

Reigstad, O., Holm-Glad, T., Dovland, Preben, Korslund, J., Grimsgaard, C., Thorkildsen, R.D., Røkkum, M. (2021). Progressing arthrosis and a high conversion rate 11 (4–19) years after four corner fusion. Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery

Riiser, M.O., Molund, Marius (2021). Long-term functional outcomes and complications in operative versus nonoperative treatment for displaced midshaft clavicle fractures in adolescents: a retrospective comparative study. Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics

Stavem, K., Ghanima, Waleed, Olsen, Magnus K., Gilbor, H.M., Einvik, G. (2021). Prevalence and determinants of fatigue after COVID-19 in non-hospitalized subjects: a population-based study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(4):2030

Sørvoll, I.H., Horvei, K.D., Ernstsen, S.L., Lægreid, I.J., Lund, S., Grønli, R.H., Olsen, Magnus Kringstad, Jacobsen, Hege Karine, Eriksson, Anna, Halstensen, Anne Marie, Tjønnfjord, Eirik, Ghanima, Waleed, Ahlen, M.T. (2021). An observational study to identify the prevalence of thrombocytopenia and anti-PF4/polyanion antibodies in Norwegian health care workers after COVID-19 vaccination. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Tallay, E., Lindberg, S.R., Lee-Ødegård, S., Bjordal, Jonas, Fraser, A.N., Madsen, J.E., Fjalestad, T. (2021). External validity in a multicenter randomized clinical trial of proximal humeral fractures: the DelPhi trial. European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology

Tengs, T., Delwiche, C.F., Jonassen, Christine Monceyron (2021). A genetic element in the SARS-CoV-2 genome is shared with multiple insect species. Journal of General Virology  Cristin-ID: 1902322

Van Dam, L.F., van den Hout, W.B., Gautam, G., Dronkers, C.E.A., Ghanima, Waleed, Gleditsch, Jostein, von Heijne, A., Hofstee, H.M., Hovens, M.M.C., Huisman, M.V., Kolman, S., Marihu, A.T.A., Nijkeuter, M., van de Ree, M.A., van Rooden, C.J., Westerbeek, R.E., Westerink, J., Westerlund, E., Kroft, L.J.M., Klok, F.A. (2021). Cost-effectiveness of magnetic resonance imaging for diagnosing recurrent ipsilateral deep vein thrombosis. Blood Advances 5(5):1369-1378 10.1182/bloodadvances.2020003849

Wesnes, K.,Myhr, K.-M., Riise, T., Kvistad, S.S., Torkildsen, Ø., Wergeland, S., Holmøy, T., Midgard, R., Bru, A., Edland, A., Eikeland, R., Gosal, Sonia, Harbo, H.F., Kleveland, G., Sørenes, Y.S., Øksendal, N., Bjørnevik, K. (2021). Low vitamin D, but no tobacco use or high BMI, is associated with long-term disability progression in multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Research 50:102801  Cristin-ID: 1907135

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